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        Service Introduction

        Think for you wholeheartedly and serve you wholeheartedly

        High quality products

        Specializing in solar photovoltaic, semiconductor chip, led, photoelectric communication and other related quartz products enterprises

        High end raw materials

        The raw materials are Pacific quartz materials, American metu materials (raw Ge materials), German Holly's materials, etc

        High technology content

        The company is a high-tech enterprise with low consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.

        Excellent technical team

        Pay attention to product quality, strictly control quality, never be careless about after-sales service, pay attention to customer experience and meet customer needs

        Perfect service concept

        The company adheres to the slogan of "being down-to-earth and daring to innovate"; continuously improves R & D investment and develops new processes and products

        Rich product experience

        Focus on the processing and maintenance of quartz glass products, serve the society with high quality and high reputation, and strive to be the industry benchmark

        Contact us

        Huzhou Aohui Quartz Technology Co., Ltd.

        Contact: Bo Yaohui (General Manager)





        Add:Building 2, Oriental Industrial Park, Shuikou, Lianshi Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province

        Company Album


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